The City of Ember
Novel Study
The City of Ember - Introduction and Chapter 1 - Pages 1 - 16

1. The builders said the people must live in the city of Ember for at least ____ years before leaving.

2. Who was to keep the instructions for leaving the city of Ember.

3. What happened to the chief builder's plan for the box?

4. What was different about the city of Ember?

5. What happened on assignment day?

6. Students were assigned to their jobs for how many years?

7. Which one of the following job assignments was considered a "bad" job?

a) greenhouse helper
b) timekeeper's assistant
d) pipeworks labourer

8. What condition was the city of Ember in?

9. Why did Doon want to trade jobs with Lina?

10. The main idea of Chapter I "Assignment Day" is ...

11.  Sequence these events in the correct order by writing 1 next to the event that occurred first, 2 next to the event
that happened second, and so on.

_____________ The chief builder left directions for leaving the city with the first mayor of Ember.
_____________ Lina and Doon trade jobs.
_____________ On assignment day Doon drew the job of messenger.
_____________ The city of Ember was built.  

12.  Which statement from this chapter contains a cause-effect relationship?

a) Lina took off her shoes and socks, wrapped herself around the cold metal pole, and climbed up the light pole.
b) Doon wanted to be near the generator, so he traded jobs with Lina.
c) One by one the students reached into the sack and drew out job assignments.
d) In the city of Ember, the sky was always dark.

13.  Which statement from this chapter is an opinion?

a) Doon sat in the second row with his shoulders hunched, his eyes squeezed shut and his hands clasped together.
b) The mayor was a man with a gray face.
c) The mayor should go on a diet so that he would not get out of breath so easily.
d) On Assignment Day the classroom was silent.

14.  Based on Chapter 1 one could conclude all the following EXCEPT _______________.

a) Chet will fix the generator, and there will be no more blackouts
b) messenger was a fun job because messengers are able to move freely through the city and not have to work
behind a desk
c) Ember is a dreary place to live with a dark sky all the time
d) the students were always excited on Assignment Day because they discovered what they would be doing for the
next three years
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